Work in Progress

I’m not sure if you ever do this, but I see several projects that I want to dive into at the SAME time…it always happens…now my poor workroom is covered literally from floor to ceiling with those several projects…

Here’s pics of a couple:

The paint is on…the cushion…not so much!








The finished product:


Upholstered Bench from Pixie Faire











The mattress is DONE finally…











And the cute birdcage I was hoping to add to my bedroom scene…needs a bird haha!


Minion Costumes


021914_7162          021914_7164

I believe in having Halloween “dress-up” time all year round. I found this awesome costume on Liberty Jane’s Pixie Faire website, and am currently making the costumes…just need a bit of something here…a bit of something there! Tights…gloves…shoes…treat bags! Almost there!