Sweet Molly

Sweet Molly

I had long dreamed of purchasing Molly as a little girl but to no avail. I passed through childhood without her. Then when I became an adult and went away to college, I finally saved up the money to get her. It was SWEET having Molly as a friend as I finished up that crazy time in my life and was able to move into my career as a Second Grade teacher.

She’s been a faithful companion since then. She is worn a little but still soft and the perfect listener. Love her! She was worth the wait!

For the love of dolls!

Going through a crazy time in my life and I need a place to chill, enjoy dolls and post what I’m up to, what I create with Liberty Jane patterns, and what helps me be positive. I LOVE American Girl dolls…not just what they look like, their fun clothes etc, but the fact that they encourage girls everywhere to reach UP and be their best. I like this…it’s applicable to me too!