Dress Form

I love LIberty Jane patterns! I am trying to see if I can make a dress form for my dolly bedroom that I am attempting. I found some cute material that matches my color themes, but I wish that they were a bit thicker…do you think that plain cotton would work if I used it on the forms? I may have to add a thin interfacing to the pieces so it will stand the test of time.

I have a really good jewel to go on top!! So excited…

Minions Complete!

Minions Complete!

Wow! I thought when I took on this endeavor that it would be a piece of cake…but it took a lot longer than I thought to complete everything! Cousins Peri and Everette wanted to dress up alike for Halloween and now their costumes are complete…from their black shoes to their black hair, they are ready to aid Gru in fighting evil! 🙂

Everything was made at home…their hoods, their goggles, their outfits (even the tights and gloves!) and their handy goody bags. Sigh…I love it 🙂 But now I am going to rest…and so will they. (They’re laid out on my sewing table, taking a much needed break…)

Minions will rule this October!!

Yeah Pixie Faire!!



Setting up the bedroom

So I am working on a mattress and pillow for my white Ana White bed…then I want to focus on a color scheme for the blankets, rug, lamp and a dress form, just like Isabelle’s. My little girl likes blue and I was hoping that coral fit in with it…So I’m trying to use the blue on the bedspread, coral for the soft blanket at the foot of the bed and pillows in coral and blue. Hope it turns out ok…the rug? Maybe blue? the dress form…coral. 🙂

Coral and Blue

I went with my sweet Mother to JoAnns to pick out a coral skirt material for my new Everette Collection piece. I was inspired by my sister who hinted that coral may be a good color to accent my sky blue polka dot newsies cap and white lace shirt. As I searched through the fabrics, I got kind of excited when I saw what coral really is.

So what I have in mind is a tomboy who would refuse on any other day to wear a skirt. But it’s Mom’s birthday, so she pulls on the easiest one she can find…the one Mom made for her at her last birthday…a coral bubble skirt. Then she walks to the mirror and something is missing. Lace long sleeved shirt, white tank, coral skirt…hmmm. As she walks out the door to the bus stop you see her set her blue and white polka dot cap on her head smiling as she runs to meet up with friends in her sky blue sneakers with no socks. Sigh…Mom tried!:)



I FINALLY got my Ana White bed painted. The first coat I am sad to say was a seafoam green paint, disguised in a pure white paint can…it snuck up on me when I attempted to take the bed outside to paint while the last rays of the sun fell on my project. It was the only time I could do it-between entertaining two silly girls under 4, and driving to see my little prince in the NICU, I had to do it at dusk. So that’s what you get when you paint in the wee hours before the sun sets…a seafoam green doll bed…that’s supposed to be pure white. Go figure!