Where we are, Spring is trying so hard to peek out of it’s protective shell. But it gets sidetracked by crazy weather here and perfect sunny days there. But robins are singing, the cardinals are nesting and even the squirrels are bouncy with anticipation. I’ve been looking through my collections, trying out a ballet barre project from PIXIE FAIRE, and hoping to start some ballet costumes with there own hand knit legwarmers…

New inspiration is blossoming and I see blue and coral everywhere! 🙂


I hope that you’re ready for some lovely spring dresses and jackets that are perfect to ward off the chill of these iffy SPRING days!


Work in Progress

I’m not sure if you ever do this, but I see several projects that I want to dive into at the SAME time…it always happens…now my poor workroom is covered literally from floor to ceiling with those several projects…

Here’s pics of a couple:

The paint is on…the cushion…not so much!








The finished product:


Upholstered Bench from Pixie Faire











The mattress is DONE finally…











And the cute birdcage I was hoping to add to my bedroom scene…needs a bird haha!




Sadie came from Target (an Our Generation doll). I really, really like her! I was apprehensive in purchasing her, because I felt like she wasn’t smiling as much as I hoped…but she has been so fun to play with. Sturdy (I really like her joints!) and easy to pose and dress. She’s withstood all the LOVING from my daughter and still looks forward to more. Love it!

Sweet Molly

Sweet Molly

I had long dreamed of purchasing Molly as a little girl but to no avail. I passed through childhood without her. Then when I became an adult and went away to college, I finally saved up the money to get her. It was SWEET having Molly as a friend as I finished up that crazy time in my life and was able to move into my career as a Second Grade teacher.

She’s been a faithful companion since then. She is worn a little but still soft and the perfect listener. Love her! She was worth the wait!



Itzel (A Springfield doll) is named after a girl who came on exchange from Brazil (?) and stayed here with a family in our church for a school year. She came not speaking a lot of English, and left with a better grasp of it under her belt. She was a sweetheart and so is my 18″ replica. Never complains! 🙂



Erin was hard to choose. I wanted to get all the different 18″ dolls that I could find in the stores around town. She was a “My Life As A…” doll. I wanted someone that wasn’t a ballerina…Erin is an outdoors girl…And if you look closely, she has a dirt smudge on her cheek that she probably got during the holiday rush and return time; because she’s had it since I purchased her.

And look (lol!) Her little dirt smudge is joined by the red paint smudge she got from my crafting room, due…I am sure…to the swinging craziness of a little 2 year old who INSISTS on mothering ALL my dolls.

I love it!